Do You Need Foot Surgery or Can It Wait?

Foot surgery is often a last-resort option, and your podiatrist will examine this option to help you have better balance, feel less pain, and be able to use your feet properly. The reason for this is because foot surgery can be intensive regarding care and healing and can be an uncomfortable solution to your problem that might have other solutions to consider as well.

If you want to get foot surgery to correct crooked toes, an arch issue, or for cosmetic reasons, your podiatrist might want you to wait first. There might be other solutions your foot and ankle specialist can provide for you that can give you temporary or even permanent results without going under. Do you need foot surgery or can it wait? This guide, along with the help of your podiatrist, can help you determine what is best for you.

Is Your Surgery Elective or Essential?

How urgent is the foot surgery you want? Is it essential to have the surgery done to relieve pain, discomfort or to lead a more comfortable life? Is the surgery more elective in nature, mainly changing the shape of your toes or removing or reducing scarring or other cosmetic needs? The urgency for your foot surgery based on what it's for and why you need it will largely determine if you need foot surgery now or if it can wait.

Keep in mind that if you are diabetic or have a circulation issue or infection in your feet, or if you have a painful foot condition that can only be corrected with foot surgery, your podiatrist might recommend foot surgery even if you find the solution to be elective yourself. Follow the guidance of your foot and ankle specialist and your general doctor to help you make your final medical decision regarding your feet.

Have You Exhausted All Other Solutions?

Sometimes the only solution for your feet is to have foot surgery, but many times wearing spacers or braces, changing footwear, having ingrown toenails removed, or having other procedures done can eliminate or at least reduce the urgent need for foot surgery. Make sure you have looked at all your options for foot surgery before choosing the right one for your needs, especially when the foot surgery will be extensive, expensive, and take a long time to heal from. You just may have an alternative solution that is not nearly as intrusive that can meet your needs.

If you have any more questions about foot surgery or the need for it, contact a podiatrist near you.