Trials On The Trails: Signs That You May Have Under Pronation

For runners, walkers, and joggers, most of the time the big issue is just getting out on the trail every day. Some minor aches and pains can easily go unnoticed and dismissed as a regular occurrence from vigorous cardio. If you are having any pain in your legs and feet, you may want to pay extra attention to this as it could signal a larger problem. Here are some ways to tell if you suffer from under pronation and what you should do about it.

You suffer stiff ankles early on

Though you may have stiff joints the day after a good run, if your ankles begin to hurt early on, you may have an issue with under pronation. Those who have under pronation will roll their feet outward when running or walking. This leads to stiff ankles even as you are just getting your music ready. If you notice ankle stiffness during your walks, pay attention to your foot movement. If you are rolling towards the outside, it is time to see a podiatrist for specialized shoes.

You have high foot arches

If people have ever noticed or envied your high arches, you may feel flattered about the makeup of your foot. You may also be one of those who is prone to suffering from under pronation. Those who have high arches are likely to under prone, or roll the feet towards the outside edge of their feet. Remember to select shoes that have good arch support in order to combat any issues. The arch support should be located mid arch in order to provide the most support. Select the proper shoes under the watchful eye of a podiatrist to pick out the right pair.

Your lower legs hurt worse than the upper legs

For those who run and under pronate, the lower legs take the bulk of the movement when landing, or feel the majority of the shock. This leads to the knees, shins, and below feeling worse than the upper portion of the legs or body. With a lot of shock landing on just the lower legs, you can experience extensive pain and may find it difficult to run as many days per week as you would like. If you notice your legs hurting from the shins down, seek out an ankle doctor and a podiatrist. If you are diagnosed with under pronation of the foot, you should get fitted for proper shoes.